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Edition 15

Annual Review System


An end of Year GIFT for You!

You will find a workbook ( Click Here to Download the Workbook) crafted by a renowned colleague and esteemed member of the @ Association of Corporate Executive Coaches™ (ACEC). This tool is designed to assist you in:

  • Exploring the goals that have shaped your current situation.
  • Analyzing the past year’s events with careful consideration.
  • Bridging your highest aspirations with achievable realities.
  • Enhancing your personal and professional growth through the wisdom of your experiences.

This is not just an ordinary annual review. It is an introspective process that aims to shape your future trajectory with enlightened steps.

By conducting a thorough audit of your previous year’s targets and achievements, and considering how your decisions have impacted your journey, you set the stage for a future that is both meaningful and well-directed.

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I believe you will find both the workbook and the ongoing content of the newsletter instrumental in achieving your goals for the year ahead.

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Dr. Elie Daher