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Edition 13

Are You Leading Your Organization Into the Future or Stuck in the Past? Discover Your Leadership Mindset Maturity


We stand at a critical juncture in the evolution of industry. While Industry 4.0, with its focus on automation and data exchange, has already made its indelible mark, the emergent paradigm of Industry 5.0 promises to blend human creativity with machine intelligence in unprecedented ways.

In this shifting landscape, digital transformation is not just a technical upgrade but a strategic necessity.

As senior leaders, we are tasked with guiding our organizations through these complexities, which demand a whole new approach to leadership.

It’s my honor to introduce a framework conceptualized by my dearest friend and thought leader, Mel Ross—the Seven Leadership Mindsets for the Modern Age.

For those who have read my book “Reimagining Leadership,” you’ll find that these mindsets laid out in chapters 7 and 8.

These mindsets are not static; they possess varying degrees of maturity influenced by your business environment, market trends, and broader societal shifts.

Conducting a evaluation based on these mindsets will not only pinpoint areas for personal growth but will also guide you to embrace modern leadership and guide your organization in its digital transformation journey.

A Sneak Peek into the Seven Mindsets:

  1. Digital Native Mindset: Emphasizes the seamless integration of digital values and technology.
  2. Beginners Mindset: Focuses on adaptability and agile ways of working.
  3. Networked Mindset: Promotes diverse and inclusive connections that fuel innovation.
  4. Open Mindset: Stresses the importance of transparency, vulnerability, and open leadership.
  5. Data Mindful: Prioritizes decisions based on meaningful data while balancing ethics and safety.
  6. Prepared Mindset: Aligns leadership thinking to anticipate and prepare for future challenges.
  7. Human-Centered Mindset: Places the unique needs and experiences of humans at the core of decision-making.

Our upcoming newsletter series will dissect each of these seven mindsets—explaining their relevance, illustrating their application, and offering actionable ways to improve.

Whether your organization is fully immersed in Industry 4.0 technologies or beginning to explore the human-machine collaborations that Industry 5.0 will necessitate, this series aims to provide you with the intellectual tools to lead effectively.

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