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“The Foreword That Will Revolutionize Your Approach to Leadership: Insights from Professor Peter Hawkins”​



I am also thrilled to introduce the first article for the Reimagining Leadership newsletter, featuring the foreword of my book by Professor Peter Hawkins, Chairman of Renewal Associates and Emeritus Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School.

It is my pleasure to introduce Professor Peter Hawkins. With his extensive knowledge and experience in leadership development, Professor Hawkins has authored several books including “Tomorrow’s Leadership and the Necessary Revolution in Today’s Leadership Development” (2017), “Leadership Team Coaching: Developing Collective Transformational Leadership” (2021), and “Leadership Team Coaching in Practice” (2022). These books have been translated into multiple languages, including Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese, making his insights and strategies accessible to a global audience.

In his foreword, Professor Hawkins addresses the current global challenges that companies and organizations face in doing more with less resources. He emphasizes the importance of working smarter by having an agile organization that can adapt its strategy to the changing needs of its wider eco-system. However, he also points out that it is easier to change strategy than it is to evolve the company’s culture, which is essential for success.

He shares the key phrase used in their work of enabling organizations and their leadership to transform: “Leaders get the culture they collectively behave.” Professor Hawkins argues that organizations must address the three areas of strategic change, culture change, and leadership development in an integrated and systemic way to ensure their success in the future. He has named this integrated enterprise “The future-fit function,” which aims to make the organization, its leadership, teams, structures, processes, partnerships, and its people fit for what the future requires.

In his book’s practical and straightforward manner, Elie Daher provides clear frameworks and illustrations of how to lead and manage change while evolving the necessary culture to make the change take root and be successful. He draws on a perspective that values collective and collaborative working, respect, and mutuality. Daher’s approach emphasizes the importance of fostering collective and collaborative leadership, which is essential in today’s multigenerational and multicultural workplace. This book offers valuable guidance for any leader seeking to drive meaningful change and improve their organization’s performance.

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